I like the Mostly Ghostly films, but I'm getting annoyed that the cast get's changed in each film, here's my review for all of the actors

Max Doyle

  • Sturling Beoumon: good actor, he's that nerd that we all route for and cheer for in the end.
  • Ryan Ohacha: good actor, but (not being racist) he's not the same race as the original actor.
  • Corey Foglmanis: Has he ever reached puperty? He is 17 years old, and he sounds like he's freaking 5!

Nicky Roland

  • Luke Benward: nice job as Nicky, minus the Justin Beiber hair cut.
  • Roshon Fegan: same reason as Max in part 2.
  • Blake Michael: a really good actor, but he looked way too old to play Nicky, how old is he, 23?

Tara Roland

  • Madison Pettis: She is Tara, I like her so much, and this may sound weird, but I want Max to be with her instead of Cammy.
  • Olivia Ryan Stern: She's a good actress, but I liked Madison better, she is Tara.

Cammy Cahill

  • Bella Thorne: She's very beautiful, she has a nice voice, she's the kind of girl I would like to have, and she did a wonderful job playing Cammy.
  • Sophie Renyolds: She is such a terrible actress, she's mean to Max, she's ugly, she has an annoying voice, I absolutly hate her! Why couldn't they have kept Bella Thorne!?!


I'm unfamilar with the actors who played Phears.

  • Part 1: Scary
  • Part 2: he's only scary when he's in black and white
  • Part 3: He is the most creepiest and funniest Phears ever! I hope we see more of this Phears in future films.


I like part 1 Max, Part 1 Nicky, Part 1/2 Tara, Part 2 Cammie, and Part 3 Phears.

-I know it seems like I'm hating on the third film, but I'm not, I actually quite enjoyed it, I just wish they would've kept Bella Thorne.

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